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Thinking Outside of the Gift Giving Box

Gift Giving

posted by Katie Slade on Friday, November 13, 2015

It happened every year. I'd get to the end of my holiday shopping and one or two names would continue staring back at me, refusing to submit to the will of my frenzied shopping. Someone please tell me, just what exactly do you get for that loved one who has everything?

It's a question that plagued me for some time .... that is until I really started to think about it. It's then I began thinking outside of the gift giving box. For these very hard to shop for people were in fact, not so hard to please.

Each had taught me something very important along the way. It turns out I just needed to remember their unspoken lessons to find my answer. They had taught me to serve others, that a gift of time together is far better than anything I could find in a store, and to share my blessings with those less fortunate. The realization brings me a sense of peace and calm each year (which, as I continue to think about it, I'm quite sure is what my loved one wanted for me from the very beginning).

If you find yourself thinking outside of the gift giving box this year, consider one of the following gifts for your loved one:

  • Purchase a gift for a person with a disability from EPI's Giving Tree  to honor someone special. Let us know this is a tribute gift and we'll send you a card you can wrap up and put under the tree for your loved one to see the difference their gift is making.
  • Give the gift of time together - hey, why not make it a GREAT time together. Reserve seats for everyone to attend EPI's dueling piano, silent auction benefit called More Than You See on April 1, 2016. It's sure to be a memorable night.
  • Make a cash donation in their honor. When giving a tribute gift through EPI, simply tell us who this gift is in honor of in the gift details section and we'll send you a special card you can share with your loved one.

However you choose to honor the special people in your life this year, we wish you a very happy holiday and an even brighter new year.

About The Author

As the Executive Director of Exceptional Persons, Inc. (EPI), Katie believes in EPI's vision of - working together we will realize a future where all people are recognized and valued – encouraged and supported to live, work, and grow – in their communities. At EPI w ... read more