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Board of Directors

Dedicated volunteers serve on the Exceptional Persons, Inc. (EPI) Board of Directors for three-year terms. EPI recruits board members from a broad spectrum of experience, including family members of persons served, and business and community leaders. The board is well educated in current service and funding trends and truly acts as a community oversight group, entering into discussions about information presented and projects suggested as a method of assuring careful thought and judicious planning of all agency activities.


Name Position Company
Vicki Parsons President Kailo L.C.
Sue Fangman Vice President US Bank
Deb Lilly Treasurer Hawkeye Community Foundation
Steve Lindaman Secretary Veridian Credit Union
Dan Levi Past President Levi Architecture 
Jan Bearbower Member Volunteer
Megan Fereday Member Attorney 
Kyle Henderson Member Doerfer Companies
Jake Huff Member Huff Home and Land Company
Bruce Meisinger Member Volunteer
John Monaghan Member PDCM Insurance
Justin Stockdale Member AEA 267

If you are interested in serving on the EPI Board of Directors, please contact us.

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