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Serious Mental Illness

We've built a team of professionals who are ready to help individuals manage their physical and mental health.

Working Together

Our approach is to assist you on your individual journey. We promise respect and a fundamental commitment to you. Here are a few of the areas we can work on together:

  • Work & Recovery - We understand finding and keeping a job is an important part of recovery.
  • Reduced Psychiatric Admissions - Admissions for psychiatric reasons reduced by 68% when comparing the year prior to EPI services to the first year with EPI.
  • Individualized Services - Services are created to match the unique needs of each person. We work together to establish a safe and healthy environment where you're making your own decisions.
  • Healthy Lifestyles - We encourage physical activity, forming good sleeping habits, and building healthy eating into daily routines.
  • Supporting Emotional Health - connecting you with other professionals (such as psychiatry, counseling, substance abuse supports, and more).
  • Greater Independence - We help you continuously build your independence.
  • Encouraging Connections - We understand staying connected with your family, friends, neighbors, and community is important.


Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and have a long history of success.

  • Building Lasting Relationships - The average tenure for our staff is over three years.
  • We Don't Cancel - When our staff make an appointment with a person served, we focus on finding a way.
  • Three Direct Support Professionals at EPI have been recognized on a national stage as Iowa Direct Support Professionals of the Year. This a testament to quality of service you can expect from EPI.

Learn more about our staff.

Service Options

The experienced staff at EPI can offer the following service options:

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To Whom it May Concern:

"I appreciate all of the help EPI has been doing with me emotionally. My staff is a very loveable, kind person. She does an amazing job with me. Even when I'm mad, she works on changing my mood to being happy."

~ written by a person served