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We're interested in seeing the persons we support live a long and healthy life - full of all the activities they enjoy. Our innovation stems from this fundamental desire. The following are just a few additional services you and your team can look forward to with EPI.


Getting the food right - in other words, changing our eating habits - gets us closer to sustainable good health. Our experience using My25/Mainstay with our staff and persons served has resulted in persons moving towards their ideal healthy weight and a reduction in preventable health medications. My25/Mainstay isn't a diet - rather it provides nutritional resources and tools to enhance weight management, mealtime habits, and independent skills. 

EPI Awarded the Gold Award for Health Leadership Excellence

As evidence of our substantial commitment to the health of people supported, EPI has been awarded the Gold Award for Health Leadership Excellence by Mainstay/My25. Mainstay and its choice-based My25 programs are the primary accelerator within the human services industry regarding health outcomes improvement related to overweight/underweight status, diabetes, hypertension, and associated chronic conditions.

Health Risk Screening Tools - Prevention Through Early Detection

We use a Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) to screen for health risks associated with a wide variety of disabilities. The goal is to provide the team with guidance in determining the person’s need for further assessment and evaluation to address identified health risks. It will also guide the team in determining the need for professional medical services.

Increased Independence, Privacy Through Technology

Your team may identify the use of automated sensing technology as a solution to enhance quality of life, increase options for greater independence and privacy while maintaining safety. EPI has experience utilizing this technology and can help you achieve your dreams.

Encourage the Use of Technology

Technology is all around us. We embrace and support persons served in utilizing their technology of choice. We see smart phones, tablets, video chat, and more increasing independence and connection with  friends and family.

Electronic Health Records

EPI uses a comprehensive health record system developed to assure staff is successful in completing Medicaid documentation. We have customized this system to assure ease of use for staff and they are prompted to complete the elements that assure documentation meets Medicaid requirements.

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