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Satisfaction & Accreditation

Quality and satisfaction is a priority. As such, we work within several quality and satisfaction measuring initiatives to ensure valid and reliable information is used to effect positive change.

The quality initiatives include:

  • Aspire to Excellence framework promoted by CARF
  • Medicaid Provider Self-Assessment process required by the Iowa Department of Human Services
  • Comprehensive Quality Improvement System

Using these quality initiatives as a basis, EPI has created a comprehensive quality improvement plan with the goal of assuring the highest quality of services to the persons served by the agency.

CARF AccreditationCARF

EPI is accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities) through February 2016 for Community Housing, Community Integration, Supported Living, and Community Employment Services.

CARF is a voluntary national accreditation organization that advances the quality of services for people with disabilities. In January of 2013, EPI experienced its third accreditation survey. A three-year accreditation was earned during this experience with notable recognition given to programs and services surveyed. The agency was recommendation-free in all aspects of service delivery.  In fact, the agency was recognized for several areas of strength. The most notable include:

  • The persons served in the supported living and community housing programs are extremely satisfied with their homes/apartments and level of support. The persons served in both programs have provided input into their specific goals and are able to choose the activities that they want to attend or participate in.
  • In the community housing program, a meal planning system called Mainstay has been implemented that incorporates more fruits and vegetables into a person's diet. The program has resulted in many people losing significant amounts of weight. The persons served are happy with the program and the results.
  • The organization's staff members are very dedicated, caring and focused on providing excellent services to the persons served.
  • The organization emphasizes team work among staff members and has actively pursued a culture of positive and respectful communication that is targeted toward providing quality services.

Satisfaction Survey Results

Input from our stakeholders drives service quality. EPI seeks feedback in all formats and utilizes the information to set organization goals, quality improvements measures, establish policies and procedures, as well as service delivery practice. Formally, EPI gathers satisfaction through the use of traditional satisfaction surveys. The agency historically receives satisfaction scores in the 90% plus range.

Person served returned an average of 95% satisfaction rating over the last three years while stakeholders had an 84% rating of services being very good to excellent.  In addition, 96% of those stakeholders reported they were likely to very likely to recommend EPI to others. 

Listening & Responding Appropriately

We’ve developed a self-advocacy group that encourages feedback from persons served about what they like and don’t like about agency services. We incorporate this feedback into service delivery changes.

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