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The Giving Tree Tradition

support one of the 309 needs on the giving tree

The Giving Tree started over 15 years ago as a way to meet modest needs of individuals served by EPI which would otherwise go unmet.

Support the Giving Tree - now through December 16. This year we have 306 needs for 90 people we support! 

By fulfilling a need on the Giving Tree, you are providing a gift for someone who would not otherwise receive a gift to open this holiday season.

There are three ways you can fulfill one or more of the 306 needs. Keep reading for details.

  1. Virtually - Visit our wish lists by clicking one or more of the following categories. Next, simply choose the gift(s) you would like to purchase, add them to your cart, and check out! Once purchased through the wish list, the gift(s) will be safely delivered to the person(s) in need. *Please ensure you select the EPI address provided on Amazon for shipping.

    Household  |  Clothing |  Hobbies & Entertainment  |  Warm & Cozy
  2. Locally - If you wish to fulfill an item by supporting a small business, view the links above and find the gift(s) you would like to fulfill. Next, fill out the form found at the bottom of this page to claim the item you're purchasing and have it removed from the wish lists online.
  3. Cash Donation - Simply make a cash donation online here and let us do the shopping! To designate your donation to the Giving Tree, fill out the "Gift Reference" field and type in "Giving Tree".

Thank you for your generosity. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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    Join the Giving Tree Tradition

    Support one or more of the 306 needs on EPI's Giving Tree - now through December 16: click here.

    25% of the way there - help us reach our goal!