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Hire a Person With a Disability

Working together we can create a lasting long-term relationship between you and your new employee. Check out our growing list of business partners...

Here’s what you can count on the EPI team to do:

  • Recruit, screen, and recommend suitable applicants for agreed-upon positions
  • Develop a written analysis of the position
  • Orient supervisors and co-workers on how to work with a supported employee
  • Assist you in training your new employee
  • Provide follow-up assistance to resolve employment issues as desired by your business

Here’s how you can best support the program:

  • Provide the agreed upon starting wage and adjustments as you would your other employees
  • Support EPI job coaches in gaining access to the work place and learning job requirements so they may assist in successfully orienting your new hire
  • Designate one employee as a liaison/advocate who would contact EPI if any issues arise so we can work with you to find a positive resolution

Hiring persons with disabilities has its benefits.

  • Increased efficiency in filling your positions through recommendations of pre-screened applicants
  • Cost effectiveness and savings in maintaining your workforce
  • Improved staff morale
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Risk free service through the provision of no-cost employment consultant who will provide training assistance and ongoing support to ensure success
  • Dependable and capable employees
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism

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