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Medicaid Funding; Please Take Action

posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Recently, our friends at the American Network of Community Options and Resources, or ANCOR, shared with us the important message below and asked that we take action as soon as possible to save our services from major Medicaid funding cuts.

Here's why we need to you to take action today: Congress is now back in Washington and the next 6 weeks are critical to the future of Medicaid. While the future of the Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare" or ACA) is grabbing the headlines, the Republican-controlled Congress, with the House Leadership leading the charge, is adding Medicaid restructuring into the ACA Repeal bill.

Whether it is called "Repeal and Replace", or "Repeal and Repair", Republican leadership wants to fundamentally reform Medicaid by converting it from an entitlement program to a block grant or per capita capped program. Although only rough details have emerged at this point, we can't afford to wait for full details to amplify our message. This is the moment to reach out to all of your Congressional members to make sure they fully understand that intellectual and development disability services are virtually 100% Medicaid dependent and the severe extent of the DSP workforce crisis.

In short, they need to understand the potential impact of any federal funding cuts on a system plagued by years of chronic underfunding.

As details unfold, we will share them with you, but we fully expect that we are going to be asking  you to become active repeatedly over the six weeks, and likely through the entire Spring. Please begin today by responding to this action alert and sharing it with your networks. 

Together, we can save our services! TAKE ACTION NOW! Follow this link to contact congress today.