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A Personal Journey EPI Supports

posted on Monday, November 5, 2012

Weight loss is a battle for many. For Janice Campbell, one of EPI’s direct support professionals, it’s a battle she’s winning.

Janice has been a direct support professional at EPI for six years. During that time she said she’s “…tried several diets including a carbohydrate diet for a year and only lost 4 pounds.” Janice decided it was time to make a change in her life and took advantage of EPI’s new, confidential biometric screeing system which began in January 2012.

After receiving the results of her confidential health screening, Janice decided to get started on her weight loss journey. She not only wanted to lose weight because obesity runs in her family, but also because she wants to be around to see her two boys, age 13 and 17, grow into men.

Janice started her journey on February 12, 2012 at a weight of 427 pounds, wearing a 5X size clothing. After consulting with her doctor she started her plan which included walking, drinking more water and limiting her calorie intake. Today she walks a little farther and has added weights to her routine.

With Janice’s wellness plan, as well as constant motivation and support from her family, she has lost over 137 pounds, 14 inches are gone off her waist and she is down three clothing sizes. 
With any life changing journey there will be those moments when you want to give in or give up, but Janice continues to stay strong, “I always prepare my meals separate from my family’s. Sometimes I really want to eat what I made for them, but I always make myself eat my own food.”

“Not having a chocolate candy bar or even an ice cream cone has been a big challenge for me. I still have cravings I just train myself to either find something low calorie to eat, tell myself I don’t need it or start doing something else to take my mind off what I really want.”

Janice is still working towards her goal and continues to get closer to it every day. She is an inspiration.

EPI’s wellness program was put in place as a tool to help employees improve their health; their family’s health as well as help employees become more proactive in managing their health care costs.

Along with the screening information EPI is looking at the “whole person” and offering more opportunities to work towards good physical, emotional and mental health.

We know as our staff take wellness to heart it will enhance the quality of service and lives of the individual we serve as well. That’s what we call a win - win.