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CHOICE Program Gives and Receives

posted by Nicole Rand on Friday, June 6, 2014

EPI's CHOICE Program provides meaningful day activities for individuals with disabilities. Giving back to the community has always been an important part of the CHOICE program. Over the years they have given many homemade items to organizations and businesses in the area (such as blankets, pillows, wreaths, and treats.)

Recently, the Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center raised funds to support the CHOICE Program as a thank you for the support they've shown over the years. "They (the CHOICE program) definitely make sure we know how much they appreciate us. We just wanted to do something nice for them in return."

Covenant sold t-shirts in support of breast cancer awareness and donated close to $1,000 of the proceeds to EPI. It’s only through the support of businesses such as these that EPI is able to make a difference. 

The breast cancer awareness wreath displayed at the Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center receives many compliments.  If you’d like one, the beautiful handmade wreaths that are made by CHOICE are available to order online.  They are made from ribbon or burlap and can be customized with different colors or other embellishments.  

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