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Nicole Rand

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  • Bottom Dollars Documentary Screening

    Join us May 18 from 5 to 7 PM for a free showing of Bottom Dollars. This event is open to the public and a wonderful opportunity for all to further understand the impacts of the different types of employment services.

  • Education is the Key to Success

    We provided education on Autism, specifically, what it means, what to expect, and most importantly, how to appropriately interact.

  • Why Hire a Person With a Disability

    “This is a win – win – win situation. You win as an organization, we win as an organization, and our residents win from the interaction of a caring, service attitude that our employees, your clients create which is what community is about.” - Kris Hansen, CEO of Western Home Communities

  • Ericson Receives the 2015 Iowa APSE Professional Achievement Award

    Nicole Ericson, Associate Program Director with EPI, was recognized earlier this week for her efforts to support Iowans with disabilities to exercise their responsibility to contribute toward self-sufficiency through work.

  • Love the Work You Do

    Amy's dream was to work with children. Like many of us, Amy experienced a number of challenges on her path to fulfilling her dream. She could have given up many times – instead she persevered. Now Amy's an inspiration to many – read on for her story.

  • Working Towards an Accessible Community

    Walking across the street. Driving to an appointment. Opening a door to a business. For many, achieving these activities are relatively simple — we might even take them for granted. To many of the persons served by EPI; however, these activities are full of barriers and unspoken messages.

  • CHOICE Program Gives and Receives

    EPI's CHOICE Program provides meaningful day activities for individuals with disabilities.

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