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Love the Work You Do

posted by Nicole Rand on Thursday, March 12, 2015

Amy’s dream was to work with children. Like many of us, Amy experienced a number of challenges on her path to fulfilling her dream. She could have given up many times – instead she persevered. Now Amy’s an inspiration to many – read on for her story.

In high school, Amy volunteered to work with students in an after school program. After high school, Amy enrolled in college taking an Early Childhood Education course. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the proper resources to support her learning disability and needed to discontinue the course. She quickly changed her focus to gaining real work experiences but her search was disappointing. Amy drew upon her resourcefulness and opened her own business – providing home cleaning and pet care services.

All the while, Amy never lost sight of her passion to work with children. It was around this time Amy was introduced to EPI’s Employment Services which focuses on matching skills and desires with work opportunities.

Through training and practice, Amy gained the confidence she needed to participate in a job interview without interfering anxieties getting in her way. She finally landed her dream job at a child care center for a trial work period.

Three short weeks after starting, Amy was offered a permanent position. Her supervisor reports, "Amy exceeds my expectations by helping her co-workers, reporting job related issues, and by asking questions. She fully ensures the wellbeing of the children in her care and has become an integral part of the team."

We’re fortunate to work with 62 individuals just like Amy – determined to find a job in the community where they can be successful, earn a living wage, and contribute to society. If your business is interested in learning more about providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities, contact us today at (319) 232-6671.

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