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Giving Tree was a Success - Thanks to You

posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2022

During the holiday season we are often reminded of who and what we’re grateful for. While the last few years have been filled with uncertainty at times, one thing we can be certain of is just how much we are encouraged by the tenacious and strong-willed spirit within all of us here at EPI and beyond. 

With your help, the Giving Tree was able to support all 90 people and fulfill all 306 of their needs.

The Giving Tree began over 15 years ago as a way to meet modest needs of individuals served by EPI which would otherwise go unmet. 

Whether you shopped online, locally or donated a cash gift and let us do the shopping - we were blown away with your support of holiday cheer.  

Who’s eligible to be on the Giving Tree?
All individuals with needs on the Giving Tree are people would otherwise not have a gift to open during the holiday season. 

What were some of the items requested on the Giving Tree?
This year’s Giving Tree needs remained modest. There were a variety of items like winter coats, socks, or tennis shoes. Some individuals are moving into their own apartment for their first time and would love getting settled in with cleaning supplies, simple bedding, or pots and pans. Then we also left room for a few wants like a good book, movie or craft! 

A very special thank you to the following businesses who hosted a Giving Tree at their offices:

  • CBE Group
  • Discerning Wealth
  • PDCM Group Insurance Benefits
  • Veridian

We thank you all for your lasting support in this wonderful tradition and sincerely wish everyone in our extended EPI family a happy and healthy new year!