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Creating Accessible Housing

posted by Nicole Ericson on Friday, January 26, 2024

Many of those we serve face physical barriers within their homes that often require necessary changes, installations, or updates to ensure full accessibility and access to every area of a person's home. These housing improvements also support individuals with greater self-sufficiency and total life independence.

We strive to create accessible housing equipped to support mobility limitations within EPI owned homes, and there are many different ways this can happen:

  • Replacing carpet with hard flooring to expand mobility for all people using walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Adding wheelchair ramps to the exterior to give people we support a safe way to get into and move about their homes.
  • Modernizing kitchens with additional, easy-to-reach storage and appliances with easier grips for those with limited mobility.
  • Installing walk-in showers to aid in increased safety for persons served.

Mark is proud of his home, and thanks to accessibility improvements ensuring everyone can safely move about the entire home, the opportunities for achievement and success are endless. The renovations made to his home include zero-entry showers, wheelchair-accessible ramps for greater independence in entering and exiting the home, replacing carpet with hard flooring for better mobility, and more.

Mark has always loved to cook, but due to his walker, accessing kitchen appliances and cabinet items were at times impossible to reach. So his favorite renovations were the updates made to his kitchen, including installing roll-under counters, large appliances, and sink, lowering cabinet storage for better reach for all persons, and updating appliances with easier grips for those with limited mobility.

Because of the upgrades made throughout his home, especially those in the kitchen, Mark is able to grab his cook book, prepare his favorite meal (likely a casserole - those are his most favorite!), and even sit down to share this delicious, home-cooked meal with his housemates.

Accessible housing improvements are made possible by the generosity of donors, and funding is crucial in supporting critical updates to provide a safe space for persons served to thrive.

We can't do it alone. To learn more about what each donation helps support or to make a gift, visit our website today.

About The Author

Nicole Ericson, EPI's Community Development Director, has been with the agency since 2010.