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Six-Time Recipient of Employer of Choice Award

posted on Saturday, September 10, 2022

Article previously posted in the Courier's Employers of Choice publication.

What's in a mission statement? To the employees of Exceptional Persons, Inc. - it's everything. EPI believes to be successful in the community, you need to be connected to people, you need to have opportunities, and you must always leave room for growth.

Staff agree, EPI has valued their mission of connecting people, creating opportunities, and nurturing growth for 65 years - making it evident in the work they do.

Bonnie Tozer, EPI employee, shares. "Exceptional Persons Inc. has exemplified its mission statement and mirrors its values of people, stewardship, creative cooperation, and integrity, while respecting each person served as well as each person employed."

"EPI is such an amazing company to work for. Everyone at EPI has one common goal; living out their mission. I am proud to be a part of the EPI family and am honored to watch our mission unfold in our community," shared Alissa Reed, employee of two years. 

Not only did staff share their appreciation in how EPI believes in their mission, but they feel proud to work for their organization.

"EPI is a wonderful organization! Every day I feel supported, appreciated, and valued as an employee. The amount of flexibility and value that is placed on families and wellbeing is so important and is one of the reasons I love working for EPI and Child Care Resource Referral," shared Esther Meuer-Valtchev, employee of eight years.

Marcell McNutt, employee of five years, shared her experience, "Working here was the best decision I have ever made. I go to work every day knowing I am not just a number. With this company I am making a difference in people's lives, and have developed some great relationships with the people I am proud to serve."

For 65 years EPI has been evolving with the changes that occur in the field, by that of customer preference or by regulatory or funding source. Through their recent achievement of a new Quality Assurances Accreditation, EPI proves they are constantly working toward providing the highest quality of standards.

Katelin Ginapp, EPI employee of 7 years, noted this achievement by sharing, "what makes EPI special is the emphasis on integrity and quality in every decision being made - there is a consensus to ensure the best outcomes and practices for both our employees and persons served. EPI continually re-evaluates its overall performance and actively works to improve itself."

"The paycheck is just a perk. Every day is different and I'm always learning something new," shares Christy Bodecker, employee of nine years.

Christy continued, "I started off as a DSP and was promoted into management as they have so many opportunities for growth. I know I will be retiring from EPI."

EPI employs nearly 300 people to help provide top quality services – from services available to people with disabilities to services providing safe and enriching child care at the Hawkeye Child Development Center - ALC and a myriad of resources for parents and child care providers through our and Child Care Resource and Referral of Northeast Iowa.

We as an agency are honored to be again selected for the 2022 Employers of Choice award. This is the sixth time EPI has received an Employer of Choice award and we do not take this title lightly.

"When I look around this organization, I'm incredibly proud of the team I see. It's people serving from the heart, guided by a strong mission, that makes EPI so special. It's something you can just feel. Our team is humble and they inspire me every day. We couldn't be more grateful for our amazing staff," shared Katie Slade, Interim Executive Director.  

Exceptional Persons, Inc. would like to thank their dedicated team members for believing in their organization. We expect EPI to look very different a few years from now, just as it looks different than the EPI created in 1957. What will always remain is our deep commitment to the people we serve and our highly dedicated staff.