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Nurturing Professional Growth - Bonnie Kipper

posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2023

At EPI it’s our mission to help employees feel connected, create opportunities and nurture their professional growth.

As we are always careful to do, we recently took time evaluating our changing environment, opportunities before us, and corresponding agency needs to best position us for success. With that being said, we’ve been celebrating some pretty great professional growth within our agency.

Today's story is about Bonnie Kipper, who recently accepted a position as our Community Services Director. With over 25 years within the agency, Bonnie's story is filled with great memories and inspiration. We hope you enjoy it.

Bonnie Kipper started her career as a CHOICE (also known as, Day Habilitation) Group Leader. We have a friend of Bonnie’s to thank for encouraging her to apply in 1997.

“When I was a choice group leader, I supported a woman who would roll my car window down while we were driving and whistle at construction workers. I still think of her every time I see one.”

She was happily in this position for five years before transitioning to a coordinator where she worked with the intermittent services team. After about a year in this position, a manager position was offered to her where she began her journey within the Intellectual Disability (ID) Residential Daily program.

From here, Bonnie was promoted to the Program Director of the ID Residential Daily program in the year of 2004. In May of 2023, Bonnie accepted her new role as our Community Services Director and is settling in perfectly.

When asked what she is most proud of during her time here, she answered simply, her team, and all EPI staff and the people we support are exactly what Bonnie loves about working here.

Bonnie went on to say, “My team is committed and passionate - they inspire me daily. My coworkers are amazing, and always available when needed. The people I support continue teaching me how important it is to truly understand, listen, care for one another, cherish relationships, and most importantly, celebrate all accomplishments, big or small.”

Bonnie shares that one of her favorite memories of her time here at EPI was when she attended a wedding for two of the people she supported.

“If you want to make a difference and want the opportunity to grow professionally, then EPI is where you’ll want to be."