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Seven-Time Employers of Choice

posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023

Article previously posted in the Courier's Employers of Choice publication, written by EPI.

"At Exceptional Persons, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone - working or receiving services here. We have a team of dedicated individuals who make it a commitment to those we serve. We truly believe people should have every choice and opportunity to live their lives, their way. As an employee of EPI, I have the chance to make a difference every day. Whether working directly with clients or supporting our mission in other ways, my contributions are valued and important."

EPI is honored to once again be selected as a Courier's Employers of Choice recipient. Receiving the 2023 award makes EPI a seven-time recipient and we do not take this recognition lightly.

We thank our team members, like the one who nominated us above, for believing in the mission of connecting people, creating opportunities, and nurturing growth.

Not only are our staff dedicated to our mission, but we share a common goal to achieving our vision of - working together we will realize a future where all people are recognized and valued – encouraged and supported to live, work, and grow – in their communities.

We are pleased to hear our staff say, "it is truly an honor to work with what I consider a family."

EPI employs nearly 300 people to help provide top quality services – from services available to people with disabilities all the way to services providing safe and enriching child care at the Hawkeye Child Development Center - ALC and a myriad of resources for parents and child care providers through our and Child Care Resource and Referral of Northeast Iowa.

Executive Director, Katie Slade, remarked, "It's our teams that make EPI so special. When I look around this organization, I see people serving from the heart. There's an energy here fueled by passion for our mission and making a difference in this world. Work with a true purpose. It's something pretty incredible."

We will always be awed by the hard work and dedication our staff put forth. We will continue to aid in nurturing their professional growth and making sure each and every one of them feel valued.