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EPI Awarded the Gold Award for Health Leadership Excellence by My25

posted on Thursday, March 9, 2017

As evidence of our substantial commitment to the health of people supported, EPI has been awarded the Gold Award for Health Leadership Excellence by Mainstay/My25. Mainstay and its choice-based My25 programs are the primary accelerator within the human services industry regarding health outcomes improvement related to overweight/underweight status, diabetes, hypertension, and associated chronic conditions.

Since September 2013 EPI has access to My25/Mainstay for all staff and persons served. 

Getting the food right - in other words, changing our eating habits - gets us closer to sustainable good health. Our experience using My25/Mainstay with our staff and persons served has resulted in persons moving towards their ideal healthy weight and a reduction in preventable health medications. My25/Mainstay isn't a diet - rather it provides nutritional resources and tools to enhance weight management, mealtime habits, and independent skills.

We are honored to receive this award.