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Transportation Services Transitioning At EPI

posted by Chris Sparks on Thursday, December 5, 2019

Since 1961 Exceptional Persons, Inc. (EPI) has had the privilege of transporting children and adults with disabilities to school, work, and other community activities.

After meeting these core transportation services we became a resource to the whole community having a small role in countless weddings, school and daycare field trips, milestone events as well as large community events including My Waterloo Days, RAGBRAI and more. To say it's an area of great fulfillment and pride for our organization would be a vast understatement.

Over the years we've seen first gradual then sweeping changes to funding which has caused our core transportation services to continuously adapt. The latest funding change in the last half of fiscal year 2018 placed a significant financial strain on our transportation services.

For that reason, regrettably we will no longer be able to provide bus and trolley services - such as daily routes, field trips, charter trips - to the community after June 2020. Our vehicle repair service for community partners will continue. Residence based vehicles will provide transportation to the locations previously completed by bus for persons with disabilities served by EPI's residential services.

EPI Isn't Going Anywhere

Our mission and dedication to persons served is not changing. Watch for information this spring where we'll honor the rich legacy of our transportation program and our bus drivers.

It has truly been our pleasure to be of service to you through our transportation program. We wish you the very best.

About The Author

Chris Sparks served as EPI's third ever Executive Director from 1998 until 2022.