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July is Disability Pride Month

posted on Saturday, July 1, 2023

Join in on the world-wide celebration, Disability Pride Month, celebrated every July. 

What is Disability Pride Month?
Society often groups people with disabilities into a singular population when it's really a diverse group with a wide variety of needs. We believe this population should not be defined by their diagnosis or disabilities but rather their abilities.

How did Disability Pride Month start?
Officially created in July of 2015 on the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Disability Pride Month is a symbol of inclusivity and solidarity. We celebrate during the month of July with the pride we hold of our identities and use this month as a stark reminder of the progress still needing to be made. 

Meaning behind the month's flag.
The Disability Pride month flag (pictured below) was designed in 2019 by artist, Ann Magill, who also lives with cerebral palsy. Each color was carefully selected to hold a different meaning:

  • Green is for sensory disabilities
  • Blue represents emotional and psychiatric disabilities
  • White stands for non-visible and undiagnosed disabilities
  • Gold is for neurodiversity
  • Red represents physical disabilities.
  • Black background represents people who have died due to ableism, violence, negligence, illness and suicide.

Why celebrate?
As we reflect on this celebration, we are driven by our vision... working together we will realize a future where all people are recognized and valued - encouraged and supported to live, work, and grow - in their communities.

Take action.
We invite you to spread awareness and join us in honoring the history, celebrating accomplishments, and making a pledge to advocate for the changes still needing to be made. Here are the ways you can make a difference this month: