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Thank You DSPs

posted on Thursday, August 16, 2018

When you became a Direct Support Professional, you knew you would help people acquire skills necessary to live their lives - activities of daily living, chores around the house, or grocery shopping.

What you might not have known is you would quickly become a pseudo family member, an advocate, and someone who holds a special place in hearts.

You probably didn’t know you could be caught jumping up and down, screaming at the top of your lungs or even showing off your best happy dance, because you witnessed someone’s first sign, 
first steps after a bad fall, or their first chance at a real job.

You probably didn’t know you would be compelled to passionately bring an injustice to the attention of a complete stranger at a movie theater because they called someone you care about the R-word. Now, sticking up for what is right just comes naturally to you.

What’s amazing is, becoming a Direct Support Professional is far more than that. It’s becoming someone’s person, confidante, and friend.

While one week is certainly not enough, we - and the rest of the nation - set aside the second week in September each year to extend our gratitude for all of the hard work you do that does not go unnoticed.

Direct Support Professionals are truly the backbone of EPI. And for that, we thank you.