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Virus News & EPI Actions

posted on Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Anyone else feel like we've been in our own Olympic marathon with this pandemic? As you've likely noted from the news, we're not quite out of this pandemic and need to once again adjust our precautions to protect those most vulnerable among us.

Let's take inspiration from the dedication, strength, and commitment demonstrated by the Olympic greats as we follow our plan.

Current Status:

COVID-19 cases are surging once again locally, nationally, and around the world. Black Hawk County is once again in a HIGH status.

According to the CDC, a small percentage of fully vaccinated people can get COVID-19 if exposed to the virus, but they are much less likely to become sick. It's likely they'll have milder symptoms or be asymptomatic.

That's not to say serious cases can't happened for those who are fully vaccinated. This is especially the case for people highly vulnerable to this virus - persons 65 and older, persons who are immunocompromised including those with cancer or who have had organ transplants. Research has found persons with disabilities are also highly vulnerable to this virus. 

With the Delta variant's prominence, the CDC is concerned vaccinated individuals can transmit the virus. Therefore, the CDC is recommending vaccinated persons return to wearing masks indoors where spread is moderate to high.

EPI Response:

We remain committed to protecting the vulnerable persons we serve, our workforce, and our community. Following the CDC, we will make the following changes effective 8/4/21.

  • Face coverings/Masks = required for vaccinated persons and is continued to be required for unvaccinated persons.

Following the CDC, we will ask that you continue to:

  • Monitor your symptoms before arriving to an EPI office or home of a person served. Stay home if you are ill or showing any symptoms.
  • Seek testing when needed (tests are readily available consult with your healthcare professional or visit for an at-home collection kit where you mail the sample using a prepaid UPS label to a lab.)
  • Remain strong in your efforts of taking general precautions such as avoiding crowds, washing your hands/don’t touch your face, heighten cleaning routines.

Vaccine Resources:

Increasing the rates of persons fully vaccinated continues to be our best line of defense to protect the people we serve and yourself from this virus.

Thank you for your continued efforts each and every day. Together, we will come through this.