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Taking Your Feedback to Heart

posted by Katie Slade on Thursday, March 11, 2021

You are an important person in the life of someone we serve. That’s why we ask for your feedback on a regular basis to see how we’re doing.

We don’t stop there - we listen to the feedback given by you, the people we serve, our employees, the community, and the list goes on. We use the information shared with us to continuously improve, ensuring we’re providing the highest quality of services.

In our most recent survey, we asked respondents to provide feedback on 5-7 key questions across each of the service areas in which they have had involvement. We were happy to see an increase in the number of people responding this year - thank you! Overall, the percentage of total respondents satisfied with services provided by EPI increased over the previous year.

One respondent commented, “EPI does a fantastic job of working with persons served, and providers to achieve the best outcome for our clients.” Another responded specifically to how EPI has handled the COVID-19 pandemic stating, “This is a tough time & I respect EPI for charging ahead to do their best in spite of the unknown.”

While we certainly appreciate your kind words and encouragement, we also take careful note of the areas we can improve. As an organization, a couple of key areas stood out for us to work on together. We’re actively working on communicating significant changes in a timely manner and ensuring our employees have the access to information/knowledge needed to deliver high quality services.

As results are shared throughout the organization, each service area reviews their survey feedback and creates an action plan based on identified areas to prioritize.

Email is one of the best ways we can get information to you quickly. Do we have your preferred email address? Send us an email with your information to for verification.

Thank you for the time spent on your thoughtful responses. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. 

About The Author

Katie Slade is EPI's Organizational Development Director.