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Connecting People, Creating Opportunities, and Nurturing Growth; Our Mission in Action

posted by Nicole Ericson on Wednesday, May 10, 2023

As we wrap up our very first quarter of our My Life, My Way supported community living service enhancement, we celebrate how individuals have been living their lives - just like you and I do. Individuals are participating in the community in new ways and at a pace we have never seen before.

This person-driven, integrated community experience has astronomically increased individual opportunities to experience more! More activities, more experiences, more environments, more natural connections, and build even more life skills, anytime of the day, any day of the week!

Through all of this we are honored to have found a progressive, innovative and successful approach to connecting people, creating opportunities and nurturing growth in a far more natural way. A way where all people are recognized, valued, encouraged and supported to live, work and grow in their communities.

We are consistently reassured by our community and the people we serve!

“We are very grateful to have individuals supported by EPI regularly volunteer with us. We love our individual volunteers and miss them when they are not here. Thank you EPI for supporting dedicated volunteers whom support our mission to meet all basic human needs without discrimination! Thank you EPI," shared Kathy, Salvation Army Food Service Manager

Bob, EPI Supported Community Living Program Manager, shared, “Joe is man who is shy, reserved and not very outgoing. Many times, we worry about Joe’s isolation tendencies and have really struggled in the past to motivate him to leave his home. As we rolled out My Life My Way, Joe reviewed the community opportunity calendar, and with continued DSP support he found there was a local writing class happening in the evenings at the library. After attending the class faithfully, Joe invited his professional supports to a public poetry reading where he independently stood up and read his own written poetry with the support of…his new friends, peers of the writing class instructor and other community members. It was so motivating to see how proud Joe was of himself, and to know that for all anyone in that room knew, we were all just his friends coming to observe this pivotal moment in his life!”

We are excited to continue to share the progress with you as this service continues to evolve. Click here for a flyer with more information. 

About The Author

Nicole Ericson, EPI's Community Development Director, has been with the agency since 2010.