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Encouraging the Use of Technology

posted on Friday, March 13, 2020

Technology is all around us. We embrace and support persons served in utilizing their technology of choice. We see smart phones, tablets, video chat, and more increasing independence and connection with friends and family.

We identify the use of automated sensing technology, such as door sensors and home panels to call if assistance is needed. These programs act as a solution to enhance quality of life, increase options for greater independence and privacy while maintaining safety. 

We recently talked with one of our Integration Specialists, Rachael, who spent a few years with a person served who truly benefited from the use of technology.

Rachael said when they began their journey together he was unable to communicate with others within his day habilitation program. This was causing him to become easily agitated and leave the room frequently.

After learning he was hearing impaired and non-verbal, Rachael began to work diligently with him on his communication skills. Her goal was to help him connect with others by helping him communicate with them.

Rachael advocated for him to receive a communication device that speaks for him. Once he was approved, she was impressed by how quickly he took to the device. 

After becoming more confident in using this form of communication, other persons served attending the day program with him were happy that he could now join in on daily conversations. 

Rachael noted his progress and suggested he expand his interactions with others when he was in the community. While he was shy at first, he now greets members with zero prompting from anyone. 

Please visit our Technology Resources page on our website. If you have resources you would like to us to add to this page, fill out our Contact Us page.