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Auto Repair Service Available

posted on Friday, June 26, 2020

Since 1961 EPI has had the privilege of transporting children and adults with disabilities to school, work, and throughout other community activities. 

In our 58 year service history we’ve seen first gradual then sweeping changes causing our services to adapt. 

A funding change in the last half of fiscal year 2018 resulted in lost riders and subsequently increased our per trip costs for our remaining riders. This has placed a significant financial strain on our transportation services and has necessitated the search to find alternative solutions. 

Due to extended program closures as a result of the pandemic, bus/daily route based transportation will not return through the previously communicated date of June 30, 2020, and will be effectively considered closed.

We are deeply disappointed our last few months of this service and our spring reception were canceled due to COVID-19, but we’re ever so grateful for the long service and dedication of our transportation staff. They have spent years truly going above and beyond with their riders. 
We have been working with them to find other jobs in the organization - as appropriate and as desired - or support them in finding employment outside the organization.

The transportation garage will now serve as an auto repair service for the public. Services include, but are not limited to, oil changes, tire repair needs, brake pad replacement, exhaust repair and more.

We plan to continue offering our field trip services - provided to school districts, child care centers, nonprofits, local cities and tourism bureaus solely.

Services will be available Monday - Friday, 7AM - 5PM. Contact us at 319-235-9058.