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More Than You See


We work to raise awareness that all people are More Than You See. We do this by:

How it Got Started

The More Than You See concept and benefit was created after learning of a real situation we fear happens all too often. While attending the movies a couple of years ago, a person with a disability was called the R-word by another moviegoer.

Saddened and hurt, this person asked his direct support staff to help him approach the group and ask them not to use that word again. Judging from the response they received….maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  

Upon learning of this situation, we were flabbergasted. “It’s the 21 century,” we thought, “Why is this still happening?” Then we asked ourselves, “What can we do about this?” One of our ideas was to create an event that would raise awareness that persons with disabilities are more than you see.

We wanted to create an opportunity for people of all backgrounds and abilities to come together, enjoy a common interest (live music!), and see beyond first impressions to the unique talents within.

Before long, we were getting requests for our More Than You See merchandise and the concept continues to grow.

What's New

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