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Essential Needs Fund


Your gift is providing furnishing such as a bed, mattress, clothing storage and other basic needs for a home.

Personal Needs/Milestones

Groceries, medications, clothing - these are all typical needs we see requested. Often this fund is helping while a person is waiting for their traditional check to catch up.

Rent Assistance

With your help a person with a disability may realize their dream of living in an apartment of their own when they are ready versus waiting years to save first and last month's rent. We also see gifts to this fund becoming the difference between choosing groceries or rent while seeking to replace a fourth roommate.

Emergency Temporary Child Care

Your gift will help families who have an urgent, unexpected need to help fund their child's care. Imagine your gift helping a single, unemployed parent attend a job interview or a stay-at-home mother who becomes hospitalized due to an illness.

Child Care Start Up Loan

Demand for quality child care exceeds the supply in our market. Your gift will support a loan to grow quality child care providers for all families in the community to access.

Giving Tree

Each year around Thanksgiving we place modest needs on our Giving Tree  - typically over 200 needs are requested a year. We invite our community to take a tag and shop for a need requested by a person with a disability who would not otherwise have a gift to open under the tree. Choose this fund when you want to spread some joy around the holidays, but don't have time to do the shopping.

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